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employee termination and unfair dismissal

A Whole New Approach

Song Lyrics:

  • A whole new approach
  • A whole new approach
  • A whole new approach
  • A whole new approach
  • Is some one who listens
  • Is someone who cares
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Can be so unfair
  • Is someone who knows how
  • To represent you
  • In your best interest
  • Your entitlements too
  • Bridge
  • A whole new approach
  • Will even up the score
  • A whole new approach
  • They will find a way
  • To open up the door
  • Bridge
  • If you got no one to listen
  • No one who cares
  • Unfair dismissal can be so unfair
  • You got to call on justice
  • Call out my name
  • Unfair dismissal is the name of my game
  • You got to call a whole new approach

  • Repeat

Words and Music By

David Gogarty

Representation of employees for unfair dismissal, workplace rights, general protections and more, has been a passion of mine for many years. If you feel that you may have been unfairly dismissed or have had your workplace rights violated, please call myself and my team on 1300 766 700 for a confidential free consultation.

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