Employee Rights, Super Hero’s To Your Defense

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Have a workplace super hero’s to your employee rights defence, is a quirky way of indicating we are here for you. We have always needed superheroes at our work to defend our employee rights in our liberal and democratic society. Now we need them more than ever in the midst of a global pandemic that is affecting employees and businesses more than anyone else in the community. However, in order to protect and stand up for ourselves, you must know your entitlements and when an employer is acting in contravention of our employment laws.

The downfall of the Australian Industrial Relations system is how complicated it is. With a plethora of awards and enterprise bargain agreements, it is even difficult for employers, let alone employees to figure out the employee rights and entitlements owed in our convoluted system. So who is going to look out for you and give you the proper support and advice to best defend yourself? That’s what we are here for and that is what we do best.

Fighting Exclusively for Employee Rights

A Whole New Approach has been fighting exclusively for employee’s rights to avoid conflict of interest to ensure that we give the best and unfettered advice to our prospective and current clients. When you call us to get a free phone consultation, our advisory team will give you advice like a friend or family member who has your best interests at heart, and like an expert who is properly informed to give you the full picture of your situation. Every person at our company is trained to not only tell you how it is in reference to the law, but we also provide what we think is your best and most prudent option.

Particularly in these trying times during a global recession, we have not only been seeing a massive influx in calls regarding redundancy but also calls from currently employed workers enquiring whether their employer can ask them to do something they believe to be outside their ordinary duties or commitment. To keep to our promise of having your best interests at heart to stand up for the Australian workforce, we take the time to question and ask what you want to do in the situation – having regard to your possible financial situation if you were to lose your job for not complying with a request from your employer, but also with consideration to the reasonableness and lawfulness of said request. Giving you the proper and right advice to your situation may not always be beneficial to our business, but this is what our company stands for: to be the superheroes in the workplace to be your best guide and support through the most challenging times.

fighting for employee rightsFighting for Employee Rights

We fight for employee rights and think of every avenue of recourse possible for those who have been wronged in their employment. Whether you are mistreated by ingenuine redundancy, harsh dismissal, discrimination, harassment, or even sexual harassment, we will exhaust all options possible to defend you and your rights. We adopt creativity and flexibility in our approach to finding you a remedy to your grievance, wherein if we fail at the Fair work Commission and there are elements of sexual harassment, discrimination, or victimization in your claim, we will pursue the matter in a whole new jurisdiction. All in the objective to continue to fight the good fight in standing up against the big bully that was your employer.

Many of our clients are initially worried and frightened at the repercussions of standing up for themselves against their previous employers, who are often big corporations with seemingly unlimited funds to cover legal costs. Rest assured, we are here to fight for you no matter how big and scary your employer maybe, because the protections of workplace law are your right and do not become nullified simply because you feel too small in comparison to your employer. We have fought against the biggest corporations in Australia and have acquired satisfactory outcomes for our aggrieved clients. You can have confidence that if you choose us as your advocates, you are backed by the most experienced and caring representatives who will stand up and fight with you until the end.

With the Pandemic, and the pending work by everybody, many employers are looking for ways to cut cost, don’t become a victim, stand up for what is rightfully yours.

So with our reliable expertise and us standing strong behind you, stand up and be a superhero in your employment – for you, for your family and dependents, for your community and your fellow colleagues.

By Gary Pinchen.

To discuss what options may be best in your circumstances, the employee rights relating to your workplace, call 1300 766 700 for an obligation-free consultation. We are A Whole New Approach P/l, we are not lawyers, but the nations leading workplace advisors, we keep it real, honest, acute, we are here for you. Been unfairly dismissed, forced to resign, adverse actions, subject to a workplace investigation, call us now, explore your options.

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