Sex Discrimination in Australia

sexual harassment

Discrimination is the term which no one appreciates in any way. Unfortunately, women have been struggling for their rights since the feminist movement came into action. Even then, women have not gained their rights equally and their perspectives are taken in negative manner. Women thrived for equal rights, respect and recognition. While it was interpreted as women want to be superior of men. The patriarchy and misogyny which is followed in every race, colour and religion has made man the dominant figure which results in violence, abuse, sexual harassment at work places and gender discrimination. Out of 90% of the women all over the globe face sex discrimination. This discrimination affects women mentally and physically.

 Yes, you read it right! People living in the Asian countries think that women living in the European countries are not subjected to domestic violence or sexual harassment. The ratio of violence may be different.

Overview of Sex Discrimination:

We will be closely analysing sex discrimination of women in Australia under the following subjects:

  • Sex-discrimination / Harassment
  • Patriarchal Systems
  • Demographic groups
  • Impact & workplace
  • Psychological & Mental Struggle and
  • Whom to reach out?

Sex-discrimination / Harassment:

Often sex discrimination and harassment are taken as one definition. While these are two different terms and women have to face them on daily basis. At some stages, a few women get their rights and justice. While others are left to suffer. Sex discrimination is the discrimination that woman has to face in terms of equal rights and differences at the workplace, home, and organization or at any authoritative place. They are treated less favourably and they are not given opportunities.

 This could be clearly observed in institutions, organizations or colleges etc. At higher positions we see men serving the roles. Even if women are capable of handling and functioning in the role at greater levels, they are not given the authority. To discriminate against women at work, at home or anywhere in Australia has become so normal. Unfortunately, women become the subject of discrimination right from their workplaces and homes.

For example: At home a daughter or sister is given less privilege in every matter, opinion and decision making on the son. While in the offices they face discrimination in positions and certain roles.

Harassment is the disturbing behaviour that women have to face. It consists of discomfort felt from someone’s presence, sexual harassment, impropriate touching, race, disability or age. Harassment is characterized as verbal abuse, marginalization, dominating issues or insults. Sexual harassment is unwelcome and can be offensive, humiliating, intruding on someone’s privacy and intimidating etc.

For example:  Being harassed at a workplace, bullied in college or school, inappropriate and humiliating touch in a public place and unwelcome sexual conduct etc.

Surprisingly, when a survey was conducted when rape cases were at peak. The responses recorded for the cause of rape was also woman, her dress sense and their personality.

Male colleges discriminate against their female coworker

Patriarchal Systems:

Sick to my stomach, patriarchal systems have become uncontrollable now. Everything has evolved, except the misogyny and patriarchy which the women have to face. These perspectives give a fuel to the men that they can treat women in any manner they want to. Because of the practice of centring on men while underestimating women, the issues which women face are neglected. All women wanted from the start is to take them seriously, respectfully and giving them equal rights they deserve.

Women deserve certain rights as men do. There is not one definition to women rights or patriarchy. We need to make sure that women body is no more legislated. We have to think about race, class and sexuality. Other than womanhood we need to start thinking of what women are capable of doing”.

Roxanne Gay – Author, Essayist.

Society needs to normalize the fact, “Not forcing connections with people who don’t see the value of having you, accepting rejections is normal and not everything has to be the matter of ego.”

Unfortunately, even after self-awareness, sex awareness or women rights awareness are being spread in multiple ways. Only a few succeed at attaining their rights.

Demographic Groups:

The demographic groups below show under what age groups women face harassment and discrimination. Surprisingly, the matter of the fact is that women at any age group are not safe. At every age, they face discrimination, the reasons might be different but the issue is same for all.

  • Small kids
  • Teenagers mostly 15 – 19 years old.
  • Young girls going to offices, schools, colleges or at any public place.
  • People who identify as non-binary gender
  • Lesbians and
  • People who are disabled.
  • Last but not the least, as the race discrimination all over the Western countries are at its peak. People face discrimination because of their colour. They are considered as minority groups and are not treated the right way. These people do not feel safe at the hands of the law as well. Because sometimes, the law and higher authorities would also subject them to discrimination and abuse.

Impact and Workplace:

Little did the abusers know, these issues have a great impact on women or anyone who has been subjected to sex discrimination in Australia and harassment. Anyone who has countered discrimination would automatically lose the confidence in themselves, would no longer engage with people, interact with audience, lead to depression and anxiety and prefer staying alone at home. Often, they would feel they are safe only at home and waste their lives.

The stance to raise here is, “Is it justified to treat a human being this way? Or is the person responsible to spend their lives in fear?” Of course, No.

Psychological and Mental Struggle:

As discussed above, this is a serious act which needs to be controlled. As there are many death cases, depression and anxiety cases which are labelled with sex discrimination or harassment. The biggest fear which is infused in people after going through such crucial attempts is that they no longer face the world in the same way. Many need to go for therapies and traumatizing affects haunts them. These are the serious issues which needs to be addressed and solutions need to be implemented everywhere and followed by everyone. Negative body image and chronic stress are the most serious sufferings. Our bodies are the important part which are connected to the brain. It catches the energy, so it is important not to spread negativity. However such cases, directly impact the brain and body. Resulting, in the losing of interest and hatred rising for one’s own self.

As there are laws and regulation set by the Australian Law Act, there are severe punishments set. Unfortunately, due to poor patriarchal systems only a few follow them.  

sexual harassment discrimination is workplace harassment

Ever noticed, why do we face it?

There could be multiple reasons associated to this question such as: being silent and not raising voice against the culprit, being scared of the consequences, threats received by the culprit, ultimate fear or may be the fear of being accused and responsible for the consequence. Every other woman, girl or anyone who are the victims of such subjects fear to raise voice.

Being unaware of the fact, raising voice against the negative is extremely important. Even if not at bigger estimates, at least it could bring change at smaller levels, initially. The practices of raising voice must be habitual. One needs to gain confidence in themselves. Being quite over harassment or suppression fuels the culprit.

However, there are some recommendations for what to do if you find yourself landing in such trouble.

  1. Speak to any trusted person or colleague.
  2. Talk about the misconduct with your friends and family members.
  3. Avoid being alone in the place where the situation takes place and
  4. Lastly, connect with someone trusted like Sexual Harassment Australia Services providers.

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