Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment At Workplace

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a pervasive issue that creates a hostile environment for the victim and violates the principles of equality and respect. It perpetuates power imbalances, erodes self-esteem, and can have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects. 

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, regardless of their gender, age, or background, and it takes many forms, including verbal harassment, physical contact, or the dissemination of explicit content without consent.

Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment in the workplace in Australia, like in many other countries, can take various forms. The Australian Human Rights Commission defines sexual harassment as any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour that makes a person feel offended, humiliated, or intimidated. Here are some common types of workplace sexual harassment in Australia:

Verbal Harassment:

This includes unwelcome sexual comments, advances, requests for sexual favours, or sexually explicit jokes. It can also involve offensive remarks about a person's appearance, body, or clothing.