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Most people who have found our web site have concerns about their workplace and are looking for advice usually in the following areas;

  • Unfair dismissals
  • Discrimination
  • Unlawful dismissal
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Award rates and conditions (Ring Workplace Ombudsman 131394)
  • Wages and monies owing by Employers (Ring 131394)
  • Disputes in the workplace

If your industrial relations inquiry is only about wages, rates or monies owing to the easiest, quickest and it free is to call the Federal Workplace Ombudsman’s office on 131394

We are happy to help you with all areas of industrial relations advice, please refer to the various our web pages, for more specialist advice regarding unfair dismissal, discrimination, and other aspects of industrial relations please call us today, our advice is free.

We believe that every person’s workplace / industrial relations situation is unique, one of the first points we make is under no circumstances resign until you have talked to us.

Apart from employees trying to figure out what to do about most complex situations, there are the rules and regulations that govern as to how to run and manage your industrial relations or discrimination claim. For example under the new Fair Work Australia (FWA) legislation there is a strict 14-day rule to lodge an unfair dismissal claim, most people don’t know this. Discrimination claims generally require the discrimination must have occurred in the last 12 months to be able to lodge a claim, but it depends on a state by state as to how this is viewed and treated.

It’s a minefield, how do you handle harassment outside working hours?, can you smoke in the workplace?, your personal emails, has the Employer have the right to read them?, what about my Facebook page?, the Employer harasses me because I have been ill again? The boss wants me to take out my eyebrow ring, what should I do? The boss wants me to attend a course on my own time.

Industrial relations and Fair Work Australia (FWA) rules and how it applies to the workplace are constantly evolving, with the downturn in the economy, there is no doubt some Employers are taking advantage of the situation. Examples are:

  • the Employer wants to cut my hours,
  • wants to now make me a casual employee after five years of service,
  • the manager is making comments about me, wants to take me out, so I put up with this or not, I need the job.
  • Wants me to use my own car for company business

The list is endless, our advice is to become well informed, knowledge is power, you do have industrial relations rights, do your homework on the internet, ring around, ring us, find a representative that knows what they’re talking about, who is interested in your situation, who has the experience, and is happy to give some free time and advice to you.

We are leading industrial relations advisors, we are not lawyers, (this site is written in plain English) but a specialist in workplace and employee rights, AWNA through this web site is the only serious industrial relations representatives that only represent Employees no conflict of interest here. Not only that, when we take your matter to the various industrial relations commissions, discrimination tribunals, Fair Work Australia (FWA) throughout Australia, the authorities know we are there for the employee and we will battle hard for you in an honest and forthright manner.

Call us or email us today, this site is to give you industrial relations information, knowledge in the workplace is powerful, the site is informing you that you do have rights and to empower you to ring us today. To stand up for yourself against the Employer who has done the wrong thing.

We can take that pressure off.

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