female victom of workplace sexual harassment at work

Sexual Harassment

Have you been sexually harassed at work? Have you complained about sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has...


working from home and workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying Workplace bullying has increased with the introduction of the Workchoices legislation. Workplace bullying has fast become a heated

Workplace Bullying

constructive dismissal

General Protections

EMPOWER YOURSELF! Knowledge is power. Call us to speak with expert workplace representatives. Free Call 1300 766 700. WE REPRESENT EMPLOYEES ONLY.

General Protections

consulting with employee

Forced Resignation

Forced Resignation? Constructive Dismissal? If you have been forced out of your job, you are entitled to lodge an unfair

Forced Resignation

lodge an unfair dismissal claim if you have been wrongfully terminated from employment

Unfair Dismissal

Introduction to Unfair Dismissal Claims and understanding dismissal. An employee has been dismissed from their employment when...

Unfair Dismissal

workplace mediation services

Mediation Services

Business and government use mediation and advocacv(non- legal resolution) to resolve economically an outcome quickly.

Mediation Service

multicultural workforce free from discrimination at work


Discrimination Many people do not realize that they may have an equal opportunity or anti- discrimination claim or do not understand

Workplace Discrimination

helping employees through workplace disputes

Workplace Disputes and Problems

Workolace disputes and problems Man people experience problems in the workplace from warnings that should not be issued, the Emplover breaking

Workplace Disputes

unflawfully dismissed from work

Unlawful Dismissal

Have you been unlawfully dismissed from your employment? We provide services to help you stand up for your fundamental rights.

Unlawful Dismissal

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