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Gary Pinchen and the team at A Whole New Approach, get some 10,000 plus hits on their website,

Every month, this is the average now for some 20 years.

So patterns of enquires are well established, unfair dismissals, discrimination, and disputes.

We are here to give you some tips

What’s extraordinary in the last 2 weeks is the overwhelming enquires regarding redundancy. We all know the economy is not good, Qantas is laying off staff, and retailers are doing the same.

I believe the economy and the jobless rate are far higher than the government realizes. How can I say that? We are at the coal face of the enquiries. People call us before going to Services Australia (Centrelink) before they finish up.

I’ll say it, and unions don’t like me saying this and I’m here for the employee, where you can hang onto your job. Unions won’t take a step backward, they still won’t pay rises for everybody.

we provide redundancy advice and support

Take the pay cut if you have to, reduce your hours if you have to, take on additional duties if it helps, it’s going to reach the point “any job a good job”. Don’t be the one out of work.

Then next year, if the employer has taken advantage of you and the economy is picking up, then change, move on, at least in the meantime you have paid your bills, take care of your family.

Will this approach lead to a reduced standard of living? Maybe, but the alternative is government handouts, and that’s definitely a reduced stand of living.

We are being told what to do by politicians on $200-$300k a year, Doctors who want everybody in lockdowns on $300-400k, unions offices on $150-250k, look after yourself, take advice, act lawfully in your best interest,

Give us a call if we can help.

By Gary Pinchen.

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