Fired from the job – Consequence in Sexual Harassment

Fired from job due to sexual harassment

Suffering sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is the worst nightmare one would have to experience. Even if they get over the phase of life where they had suffered sexual harassment, the consequences does not let them live. The derogatory terms associated to the sufferers of harassment lead them to serious affects mentally, physically and publicly. On top of that, if harassment has the consequence which forces to quit job or to get fired from job in Australia or any part of the globe is catastrophic.

Although the sexual harassment laws in Australia has been getting stricter for everyone. Even then the survival in public places and offices is difficult for the victims of sexual harassment.

When no one can put an end to sexual harassment or punish the culprits. It demands higher calls for justice, seek refuge and to see culprits behind the bars. Yes, the sexual harassment laws in Australia can put the culprits behind the bars but they are hidden by the authorities and the victims themselves.

Let’s roll sexual harassment under the lens of being fired from job in Australia:

Stepping out of home is not everyone’s cup of tea. There might be different purposes that forces one to become the bread-winner of the house, earn for themselves or maybe to support their family. In some cases, the family trusts and let the person he/she work at offices. For girls and women, not all of them are allowed to work in the offices. Under such different scenarios if one goes through any kind of sexual harassment in the workplace it can worsen the situation for them to handle and tackle at the same time. At workplaces, people fear to stand for their right just so that they are not fired from their job or they are forced to quit job. While in sexual harassment cases at the workplace, if victims feels the need of higher calls for justice, they are blurred and confused. Being fired from the job because of being sexually assaulted, molested or harassed is already distressing.

The situations of sexual harassment give birth to paradoxical, contradictory, explicit and conflicting times. It changes the repositories of values and cultures for one who has to go through such trauma and horrific time in their life. Also, if the victim is fired from the job or forced to quit the job it would also affect their family. Due to societal norms and for survival in the society, the family would also take steps which would be disturbing for the victim. At times when the victim has to deal with hard times like these and when the family also backs off.

sexual harassment

The consequences of sexual harassment are scarier than we think.

  1. Victims may suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. They would not even share these problems with anyone as they have already lost their trust in the society and people. So, it gets difficult to figure out whether what kind of trouble they are facing or might be in.
  2. Victims may have difficulty concentrating at work or school. When fired from the job, there would be several other house chores or work affairs that one would try to indulge in but would lose the interest. This is scary because the rough images of sexual harassment does not erase from the mind.
  3. Victims may miss work or school due to the stress of the situation. As, we are concerned with the victims who are being fired from the job or quit job due to sexual harassment so our focus remains on only the stress that victim goes through.
  4. Victims may lose their job or be forced to quit their job. Yes, there are situations made for the victims to quit the job if the culprit sees them getting brave and raising voice for their rights. As the victim demands for higher calls for justice, the culprits create situations which puts the blame on victims and they remain free from any charge. If the HR authorities from the office are involved in sexual harassment cases, the escape from situations like these becomes quitting the job.
  5. Victims may have to move to a new location. The culprits may also threat the victims or continue to blackmail them even after they have been fired from the job. Or even if they want to get rid of accusations and to live with honour in the society or to gain complete new identity they chose to move their location. Although it is also a disturbing phase for them but they chose this to escape the dark days.
  6. Victims may have difficulty maintaining relationships. Whether it is a girl or a boy when being harassed at the workplace it brings the relationship to be questioned and judged. The relationship lands into the boat of doubts whether it is siblings, couple, parents or friends etc. The victim has to give justifications and many relationships would end or would not remain the same as they were before the harassment. Even the blood relations begin to judge quickly. These things would not let the victim move on easily.
  7. Victims may suffer from physical health problems. Imagine yourself being fired from the job for once. How do you feel? It shocks oneself out of embarrassment, feeling ashamed and never lifting eyes up again. It is not necessary that everyone goes through same emotional dysfunctionality. The strong ones would cope up the situation with time while ones with the weak heart would not be able to move on and lead to depression, anxiety and stress. 
  8. Victims may attempt or commit suicide. Although suicide is not an easy step which someone decides on? But cases like sexual harassment and molested makes it difficult for the victim to survive or move on. For times when the suffering is prolonged and is not cured, it leads to someone to end their life in miserable ways. It is important to look after the victim who has suffered such trauma. If the victim commits suicide it is the culprit and the society which are answerable.

These are some of the consequences which can lead victims to end their life. Sometimes the consequences are more dangerous than the situation itself. The victim when is unheard, not cured and no justice is being served to them they suffer even in more consequences as mentioned.

What is the solution?

However, to avoid any victim who gets fired from the job or gets to face consequences like these after being molested, sexually assaulted or gone through sexual harassment, Gary Pinchen and his dedicated team at A Whole New Approach gives them justice and the culprits are punished. Although, it is the sole responsibility of the office manager to take care of the employees hired if any victim is being subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace and is forced to quit their job or be fired. At Sexual Harassment Australia, we give victims the legal rights and justice that they deserve. If they are mistreated or not heard anywhere else, it is the right place where they can be heard and solutions can be offered to the victims.

Apart from giving solutions, the culprits and the offices that fuel sexual harassment and do not stop the culprits have to pay for it. No one can escape and the victim can seek justice and live freely.

So, yes before it’s too late reach out to us. Or if you know someone who might need our help bring them to us. We are official, professional and confidential in what people share. It is a safe place where justice is guaranteed.