COVID- 6 Related Lifestyle Changes You Should Adopt for the Future!

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Daisy Jones has written the following article, any contribution to what we do around workplace and social commentary is appreciated in these difficult times. COVID- 6 Related Lifestyle Changes You Should Adopt for the Future, act now! can be adopted for part of in relating to maintain workplace harmony

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way Australians live, impacting how we work, learn, shop, socialize, and more. Although it has been challenging, many people have found innovative ways to cope and find light in an otherwise dark time. In fact, some of the lifestyle changes you’ve made during COVID can serve you well in the future, even as life returns to the “new normal.” With that in mind, A Whole New Approach shares some habits you may want to continue, even after COVID is a distant memory. “COVID- 6 Related Lifestyle Changes you should adopt for the future, act now”, hopefully is helpful to you on your journey through these tough times.

COVID- 6 Related Lifestyle Changes

Create a cozy space to call home

More adults have been working at home due to COVID-19, while many kids are doing remote learning. With the entire family spending more time at home, it’s even more important to create a cosy space where everybody feels at ease. If your family is arguing or complaining, commit to freeing your home of negative energy. Removing clutter is a great starting point, and clutter can cause anxiety. Next, open your curtains to let in the sunlight, open the windows for fresh air, and smudge the rooms with sage to eliminate bad vibes.

Support local businesses

As Forbes points out, smaller local businesses have been particularly harshly affected by COVID-19. During the pandemic, you may have relied on your neighbourhood stores for basic goods. Continue to support them after the crisis has passed. When you buy local, you inject money directly into your community. You also benefit from a more personalized shopping experience. Get to know your food providers at a local farmer’s market, for example, or head to a local boutique to find innovative jewellery.

Make time for small joys

COVID has taught people to appreciate small joys. With luxuries like eating out and traveling off the table, you likely found other forms of happiness. Continue to pursue these new hobbies, be it creating the perfect cappuccino at home or doing a puzzle with your kids. Slowing down and focusing on these moments will allow you to build joy into your everyday life, a key component of mindful living.

Escape the daily grind

Sometimes, you may want to simply escape everyday reality—and that’s okay too! You likely found ways to shut out the world from time to time during the COVID pandemic, such as reading a book, journaling, or watching a TV series. Nurture your new habit, if it makes you happy. Join a book club for a title you’ve been wanting to read, invest in a guided journal designed to help you thrive, or sign up for a premium streaming subscription as a treat.

If you prefer to interact with others but find an open-ended Zoom too awkward, consider scheduling an activity you can do together but apart. A virtual board game night or a multiplayer video game where you can gather online and complete a task together could just hit the spot.

Spend more time in nature

One unexpected benefit of sheltering-in-place rules due to COVID-19 is that people were spending more time in nature. Maybe you and your spouse started going for walks outside because the gym was closed, for example, or you took your kids on a hike because playgrounds were roped off. Continue to spend more time in the great outdoors. Research suggests that this can help alleviate stress. In Japan, the government even implemented a “forest bathing” initiative encouraging citizens to spend time in wooded areas.

Prioritize connection with other people

Above all, COVID has taught us the importance of connecting with other people. You may have found yourself reaching out to old friends you hadn’t talked to in some time to check in, for example, or discovered new ways to socialize, like Zoom cocktail hours. As Psychology Today explains, a healthy social life staves off anxiety and depression, and you’ll find the laughter and engagement is well worthwhile.

Commit to maintaining the above habits in your everyday life as you shift to the “new normal” post-COVID. These lifestyle adjustments can help you make the most of each day, living a happier, healthier, more meaningful life.

Author: Daisy Jones

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