Can the Employer Dismiss you for Having an OnlyFans Account?

Can employer dismiss you for onlyfans account?

In modern times when the international economy is fluctuating, finding a job can be a blessing. It can help you make ends meet and even save for the future. Unfortunately, it comes with its own share of restrictions and we are not talking about not being on the time here. When you are employed, you are expected to behave in a certain way and sometimes what you do in your spare time can also be affected. It involves how you act and presents yourself on social media platforms as well.

So, can having an Only Fans account result in your dismissal? Before answering the questions, let’s dive a little into it.

What is OnlyFans?

Most people don’t recognize what OnlyFans is even now. But the idea is rather common among Gen Z and socially-savvy people. So, it raises concerns regarding dismissals due to having an OnlyFans account.

But what is OnlyFans basically? Well, it is a social media platform where people can purchase mature content, photos, and videos of people. There are creators and then there are subscribers. Creators can sell their content to subscribers by exchanging real money.

The platform gained prominence during the pandemic when people working in the AV industry earned through OnlyFans. People can access content and videos by paying anywhere between $5-50 a month.

While not many may know, the platform is not just used for mature content. Many celebrities like DJ Khaled and Cardi B share teasers on the platform. Regardless, it is still prominent among the public as a platform where sexual content is exchanged to make money.

Can you Get Dismissed for having an OnlyFans Account?

Honestly, you will get many varying opinions on the web and social media platforms. Some people may say it is just a smart way to make money so no manager can dismiss you. Others may say it is immoral and a way of sharing porn, which no employer is going to appreciate. In the end, you will be confused and your question of getting dismissed for having an OnlyFans account may be unanswered.

Then again, is it yes or no? Simply put, yes, you can be dismissed for having an OnlyFans account.

Now, it is possible for employees to be dismissed for almost any reason and that includes having and using an OnlyFans account. Generally speaking, your dismissal would not be fair because it would not affect your work and employment. But if your photos are made public and your employer sniffs them out, you will get in trouble.

It raises another question – will your employer search for your account? Normally, no. No employer has enough time to go around searching for OnlyFans accounts. Still, there is no knowing just what might happen. After all, some employers perform rather thorough checks on their employees before hiring them in the first place and continue the practice occasionally.

Now, there are some important factors that also come into the equation like:

  1. Being an OnlyFans Creator or Subscriber
    In some companies, being a creator on OnlyFans might not be perceived as positively as being a subscriber. Being a creator means you create explicit content and sell it. It means there are some explicit videos and photos of you on the platform. In a worst-case scenario, your employer might get their hands on these photos or videos.

    In contrast, when you are a subscriber, there are no pictures or any other content that might be accessible. Thus, in such a situation, it is quite hard for your employer to even get evidence that you use OnlyFans.

    So, in any situation, being a content creator on the platform puts you in a riskier position than being a subscriber.
  2. Type of the Industry
    Your dismissal from your job due to an OnlyFans account depends well on the industry you are working in. Let’s suppose you are working in a rather conservative and reputable company. Your employer will definitely dislike such a form of hobby or sidekick. Not to mention, if your position is high in the company and employees look up to you, the stakes are quite high. In such a situation, anything that could put affect the reputation of the company would be dealt with easily.

    Thus, you will be prone to be dismissed if your account begins to influence the work environment. In case the public gets on it, it may result in overall damage to the reputation of the company. It might even lead to a major decrease in sales, which will definitely result in a dismissal. And in such a situation, it will be seen as a fair and effective dismissal.

    But if your participation in the platform is outside of your work hours and does not cause any damage to the company or affect your work, your dismissal will then be perceived as unfair. In such a situation, you are not actually doing anything that could affect your efficiency or the reputation of the company.
onlyfans account - can i get dismissed

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your dismissal for having an OnlyFans account depends on the type of account and the industry you work in.

It also means you need to be careful as to not let your participation in OnlyFans affect your work or the company in general. For instance, you need to be careful that you are not making content or posting anything on the platform while working. In addition, make sure that your participation or sidekick does not clash with your formal work schedule.

What concerns can employers have?

Every employer is concerned with employee efficiency and work progress. If you are unable to work properly because you are spending excessive time on OnlyFans, it will only solidify your dismissal. Your employer can dismiss you if you are being late to work or working ineffectively due to your participation in OnlyFans.

It is just like having a second job at another place like a restaurant or a café. You will need to make sure your second job does not affect your first job. It is particularly important if you are a full-time employee or a permanent part-timer. You might not be required to disclose that you have an OnlyFans account to your employer as you would usually do with a second job.

However, your employer will definitely ask you questions if it comes to their attention.

Why Having an OnlyFans Account and Working May Not Work

Now, there are a number of reasons why having an OnlyFans account and working formally together may not work out. First of all, there is a good chance your content might be dragged into the workplace.

Usually, when such explicit content is brought to the workplace, it can result in some serious issues. For instance, just think of the situation if your colleague turns out to be a subscriber. What will happen then?

You might be surprised to know that on multiple social media platforms, OnlyFans creators have admitted to being sexually harassed because of their content. I am not going to say her name here but a young woman reported that she was fired from her job when her account was discovered. Prior to being dismissed, her colleagues had begun to sexually harass her at work when they found out about her content.

What made the situation worse was her colleagues even began to watch her videos on the job. The management did not seem to act on the situation and after a few days, she was dismissed from the job. She was later informed that her termination was due to a violation of the company policy. Her activities were deemed inappropriate and derogatory for the business as they would adversely influence its reputation as well. Moreover, her boss even told her they feared her participation in OnlyFans would urge others to do the same.

On social media, she received a lot of criticism for her participation in OnlyFans. But at the same time, she also acquired a lot of support from people. Many expressed that the management should have dealt with colleagues instead.

Ethical and/or moral dilemma

If you really think about it, you will realize it creates a rather ethical and moral dilemma for the management as well. For instance, if your account causes colleagues to share explicit content, whom should the management punish? Do they punish you for your participation in OnlyFans while working or the people who are your subscribers and sharing the content?

It can adversely influence the workplace environment to a significant extent. It can not only affect the reputation of the person with the account but also cause others to follow their example and make accounts themselves. It is possible for such a situation to occur and that is why it is frowned upon in most companies and workplace environments. Not to mention, some workplaces are rather toxic and employees are not that tolerant. If they manage to find out you have an account, you might be at the end of some serious harassment.

Second, it can lead to likely sexual harassment. Now, it might seem like an exaggeration but people with OnlyFans accounts are not perceived positively. They may even be perceived to tolerate sexual acts more than others. Thus, it can cause people including colleagues to believe that a person does not care if someone touches them or goes beyond that as well.

onlyfans and work environment

Real situation

On Facebook, I read a case about a young girl who admitted to working for a reputable company. For privacy concerns, I am not going to share her or the company’s name. But she did have an OnlyFans account and a subscriber turned out to be her colleague. News of her involvement in the platform was shared quickly among her colleagues and that is when it took a turn for the worse. Her colleagues not only shared her content while at work but also began to sexually harass her.

Whenever she would walk in the corridor or go to the toilet, someone would attempt to touch her. She admitted that it was terrible coping with everything all alone. Even though she tried to talk to management about it, she feared that it would result in her dismissal. Thus, she tried to stop her colleagues on her own but it went out of hand when a colleague decided to follow her back. That was when she decided to quit the job and try a career somewhere else.

What it means is if your content is leaked in the workplace, it can lead to sexual harassment in and out of working hours. In case the latter ever happens to you, it can be very dangerous to deal with it.

These are some of the few reasons why having an OnlyFans account and working formally may not work out as well as you may think.


Overall, it is highly likely that having an OnlyFans account can result in a dismissal from your job even if it is not interfering with your work. Most employers will take look at the issue from a moral perspective and will consider dismissing you. But it is likely you might be warned before the employer considers dismissing you.

As I have said before, your dismissal will depend majorly on the type of account you have and the industry you are working in. In case you are working at a large and reputable company, it can lead to a dismissal if you have an OnlyFans account.

Even though it is unfair to dismiss an employee based on what they do in their spare time, most employers will still do it, stating that it affects the workplace culture or their reputation in general. Not to mention, if your content is somehow leaked, it can result in some serious problems for not only you but also for the business. Therefore, it is better to think it through before you begin working while keeping your OnlyFans account. It will definitely be wiser to think about it and plan it before you decide to do anything.