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•Sacked? •Harassed? •Intimidated?
•Redundancy? •Feel Pressured?
•Forced to Resign? •Unfairly dismissed?
•Unlawfully terminated?
•Discriminated Against?
•Industrial relations issues?
•Problems in the workplace?
•Sexually harassed?
•Been on worker cover or had a temporary illness and now find your not doing your original job or now sacked.
•Treated differently because of your family responsibilities.
•Not paid notice when your sacked.
The list is endless of the issues in the workplace, make the call today!

Please be aware of the following timelines:
14 days to lodge a unfair dismissal claim
60 days to lodge a unlawful dismissal claim
one year to lodge a discrimination complaint.
These timlines are strictly enforced, if you have a legitimate reason for being outside these timelines you may still be able to lodge a claim, call us to discuss

Lodging an Unfair Dismissal or

Unlawful Dismissal Claim.



What is abandoning your employment?

This occurs when an employee stops attending work and fails to communicate his/her intentions to his employee, or fails to provide a reasonable explanation for why they aren't attending work anymore.

Be careful - if you are under an award or an employment contract, that award or contract might set out a different definition for "abandonment".  

My employer accused me of abandoning my employment, but I didn't! What should I do now?

If you had a reasonable explanation for your absence, but your boss DISMISSED YOU regardless - call us now and we can discuss putting through an UNFAIR DISMISSAL claim!


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